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Epsom Salts as an Arthritis Cure

Those living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) will often look for any method that might seem to help this serious and all too often debilitating illness. There are 1.3 million people dealing with RA and another 30 to 40 million struggling with osteoarthritis and other arthritic diseases.

In fact, osteoarthritis affects everyone to some degree if they live long enough just from wear and tear on the joints. That means using all the resources of modern medicine but also may include folk and alternative medicine methods in the search for a cure. While some have made that claim for the use of Epsom salts as a cure for arthritisno convincing evidence as yet that this or anything else causes a real cure. Some anecdotal evidence does, however, make this claim from personal experiences.

Epsom Salts as an Arthritis Cure

Epsom salts are a preparation of magnesium sulfate with each molecule bound to seven molecules of water. It has many uses from soaks to use as a laxative to a treatment for dangerous preeclampsia in pregnancy. It is also used in flotation tanks to achieve buoyancy and many with arthritis find these tanks helpful for relaxation and stress reduction. When Epsom salts are added to the bath water, they also help to prevent “pruney” skin wrinkles from long soaks. Some of the magnesium sulfate is believed to be absorbed through the skin and is an anti-inflammatory medication in the body.  

The most common use of Epsom salts for arthritis pain and stiffness is as a soaking solution. The Epsom salts prevent skin wrinkling and seem more soothing for long warm soaks. The heat and effects of the water stimulate circulation with helps heal and soothe painful joints. It may also help reduce or relieve stiffness for both osteoarthritis and RA. Epsom salts are used for entire bathtub soaks or in smaller containers to soak hands or feet. Since some of the magnesium sulfate is absorbed, there may also be relief of any inflammation.  

Magnesium is important in the body for many reasons. It helps to regulate heart rate and is a critical nutrient for that reason. It also is required for the body to use calcium which is required for healthy bones. Since bone destruction can occur with several types of arthritis, it is important to have adequate magnesium intake, and Epsom salts are a very inexpensive way to do this. Caution is required since too much magnesium sulfate is a powerful laxative. Those with heart and kidney disease should be especially cautious in the use of any magnesium supplement and no one should take Epsom salts or any other supplement without consulting their doctor.  

There are many protocols for using Epsom salts to treat arthritis from the simple soaks to the complicated scheme of Edgar Cayce which includes using the salts. Some old folk remedies include using Epsom salts with such other ingredients as rhubarb root, cream of tartar, and apple cider vinegar. While none of these is a guaranteed cure, many people do report substantial relief and with your doctor’s blessing, they may be worth a try.  

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